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Your trade mark can be a valuable business asset. Trade marks have come to represent not only actual goods and services, but also the reputation of the business. Some companies spend millions nurturing....


Copyright is concerned with original literary, musical or artistic works. These include computer software; any drawing, map, chart or plan; photographs and films; architectural works; sculptures; sound recordings; ...

Patent Registration

A Patent is a legal monopoly, which is granted for a limited time by a country to the owner of an invention. Merely to have a patent does not give the owner the rights to use or exploit the patented invention.

Company Incorporation

We are engaged in formation/registration of the following two types of companies as per Companies Act, 2013 .

  • Our commitment to our customers to provide them with complete business solutions as well as dedicated and efficient service towards all of their Business needs.

  • Our motto is to help customers manage their business operations economicaly, efficiently and effectively.